A two-day local briefing for people who want to quickly understand the town or city where they live or work.

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What is Profile?

A fast-paced programme for leaders who want a briefing on Dublin as the place where they live and / or work. Participants use it as an introduction or an update. They are briefed on the important trends, key institutions and main players locally and hear firsthand from some of the leaders who are tackling local issues.

The broad range of leaders who attend Profile bring to the course their very diverse perspectives and this adds to the briefing.



What is the programme format?

Across the two-day programme, participants take part in a series of briefings, conversations, visits and debates. Participants travel to different venues and places around Dublin.

Where are Profile courses held?

Profile is run in Dublin and in some international locations.

Organisations that operate regionally or nationally can arrange a customised package of Profiles, so that their leaders can go on a series of profiles in different parts of Ireland.

Contact your local Common Purpose office for more details.

What is the cost to attend Profile?

The fee for Profile is €1,500


How can I apply for the Profile programme?

Complete the online application form at right and choose the date and location you want.

For more about the overall application process, please visit the application page.

"Common Purpose Profile has given me a completely new insight into the North East, and its potential for the future."

Gillian Gibson, Public Health Specialists/Consultant, Sunderland Primary Care Trust

"Common Purpose Profile is a fantastic opportunity to meet with and challenge prominent business leaders in the area, and be able to discuss topical and controversial issues within a professional environment."

Louise Hardy, Tenant Business Advisor, North East Business Innovation Centre

"Common Purpose Profile provided me with a frank insight into a range of organisations and the range of obstacles they face. It is inspiring to speak to so many like minded people who are working towards this common good."

Victoria Thompson, PR & Corporate Marketing Manager, Business and Innovation Centre, Sunderland