Common Purpose Pitstops

Pitstops are client-specific leadership development interventions for teams from within an organisation.

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What are Pitstops?

Pitstops are client-specific leadership development interventions for teams from within an organisation.

Pitstop modules and are designed to address a particular organisational need. For example, an organisation might need their leaders and teams to:

  • Influence beyond their immediate authority - inside and outside of their organisation
  • Understand power and its sources
  • Know how to lead in unfamiliar territory
  • To broaden perspective by effectively using diversity

Common Purpose can help organisations address all of these, by applying our approach of:  pushing leaders outwards; supporting learning from others; offering new insights; and challenging participants to broaden their networks and horizons.


What is the Pitstop programme format?

We bring a toolkit of tried and tested methods and approaches gathered over twenty years developing leaders of all ages and from all parts of society. These include:

  • Facilitated conversations and dialogue: We have a proven track record of facilitating high-level, transformative conversations amongst leaders. We use a wide variety of different techniques for this, which include open space technology, appreciative enquiry, café conversations and storytelling.
  • Common Purpose Learning Groups, based on Action Learning Sets, using the sequence of experience, reflection and action.
  • Structured reflection time to identify and apply the learning back to your own leadership challenges.
  • Opportunities to learn from conversations with inspiring and challenging leaders who have taken risks and led change in a wide range of contexts.
  • Behind-the-scenes visits to organisations and frank conversations with senior leaders from organisations outside your organisation to learn about their realities of decision-making and leadership.

A Pitstop can be from a one-off session to up to four modules over 3 days, including provision for external contributors.


The Pitstop programme costs include coordination, chairing, materials and provision for sourcing and/or briefing external contributors.

We can tailor our approach to suit the specific needs of the group, be it duration, content or group size.

"The view from your office window seldom changes. If we want our leaders to see the bigger picture, they have to go out and see the world through other people's eyes."

Sir David Bell
Chairman, Financial Times Group