A flexible and personalised leadership programme that offers modular learning and development for established leaders in larger regions.

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What is Meridian?

A leadership programme for established/ senior leaders from all sectors and backgrounds based in and around metropolitan areas. Meridian is currently offered in Dublin and in six other countries.

Meridian offers a flexible modular format that means leaders can tailor it to meet their individual needs and to match their diaries. Participants have up to six months to complete their hours.

The full group - drawn from all walks of life in the area - attends three full days together at the start, midpoint and end of the programme. In between, each leader chooses from modules to explore a huge range of real-life challenges - based in anything from a prison to a casualty unit; a trading floor to a production plant; a rehab centre to a radio station - in small groups, learning constantly from each other, the contributors and the experience of operating in very unfamiliar situations.


Participants can expect to:

  • become more accustomed to going outside their familiar environment and better able to adapt to new situations.
  • develop lasting working relationships with people they would almost certainly never have met otherwise.
  • learn how to lead in situations where they have no authority and how to become the kind of person who can build and lead collaborations when required.
  • become responsible leaders who understand their local surroundings - in the national and international context - and the impact of their decisions.
  • discover how their own language, behaviour and preconceptions can get in their way as leaders.
  • find out when and how they can make their own contribution in society.

What is the programme format?

Meridian participants complete between 55 - 85 hours of learning. For each activity, participants meet at a different venue within the area to give them a range of perspectives.On the three core days - at the start, mid-point and end - participants look at why, where and how they lead and at how their biases influence their leadership. Between the core days, participants select from a series of modules.

Where are Meridian courses held?

In Ireland the Meridian programme is held in Dublin and also run internationally in:

  • Budapest, Hungary
  • Hong Kong
  • India (Bangalore, Chennai and Mumbai)
  • Istanbul, Turkey
  • Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Varying regions and cities in the UK

What is the cost to attend Meridian?

The programme fee is €5,500


How can I apply to attend Meridian?

Download the Meridian Application Form and send via email or post to the Common Purpose Dublin office.

For more about the overall application process, please visit the application page. 

"The course gave me a good exposure to how sectors other than the public sector operate: the constraints and the freedoms to act. It was useful to hear the approaches to problems from the private sector and the community and voluntary sector."

Dr. Padraig Walsh, Chief Executive, Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI), Meridian 2011/2012

"You can be a leader in a 'quiet and unassuming'. I had previously held the idea of someone who is always outspoken, managing and delegating. My understanding as to how important it is to remain positive and motivate other was developed, as was the idea of mentoring others."

Melissa Meehan, Marketing & Communications Manager, The Digital Hub, Meridian 2012/2013

"The view from your office window seldom changes. If we want our leaders to see the bigger picture, they have to go out and see the world through other people's eyes."

Sir David Bell
Chairman, Financial Times Group