Benefits to the Organisation

Organisations benefit from more inspired leaders who are better able to lead within their organisations and in the outside world.


What do employers say?

Organisations consistently report that leaders who have attended Common Purpose programmes have developed new skills and are both more connected and inspired. They frequently say participants are:

  • able to communicate with multiple stakeholders.
  • capable of leading diverse teams.
  • skilled at making collaboration effective.
  • more connected, with a broader radar.
  • good at spotting new opportunities.
  • better at using external sources for ideas and opinions.
  • faster at adapting to new circumstances and people.
  • clever at breaking down barriers between interests, sectors and functions.
  • better able to represent their organisation externally.
  • more inspired and quicker to step forward.
  • open to new ways of doing things.
  • aware of how much they themselves have to contribute.