Programme Benefits and Impact

Common Purpose programmes deliver tangible benefits; the impact can be seen in the positive change made in organisations, communities and wider society.

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Benefits of Common Purpose programmes

Common Purpose helps people, organisations, cities and regions to succeed by broadening the horizons of their leaders and developing their ability to work together to lead complex change.

This is because participants on our programmes change fundamentally as leaders…

We deal with real life issues and insights - so our courses are neither classroom nor lecture based. We go beyond standard leadership models and learn instead from the successes and failures of leaders from all sectors. Participants are taken out of their familiar environment so that they re-examine why, when and how they lead.

People apply for our programmes from many different backgrounds and have different outlooks. This creates an environment in which participants learn to adapt and thrive, opening up to working with different people, in new ways and places.

We connect people who might otherwise never meet. As a result participants develop lasting relationships that encourage collaboration.

Common Purpose (Ireland) Ltd Courses

"Of all the leadership programmes that I know of, those run by Common Purpose are by far the best... Civil society in a wide range of countries has benefited hugely."

Professor Charles Handy
Writer and social philosopher